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Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told ( Full 6 Hours Documentary)

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Reviewer: klewsew - - March 2, 2015
Subject: Goebbels would be proud!
Putting aside all the ant-Semitic remarks from the previous reviewers, this offering proves how easy it is to put together a bunch of film footage and have it described and explained in any manner whatsoever.

Typical demonizing tactic of another country or group which the US is now engaged in but that's fodder for another thread.

A major portion of this film is devoted to trying to convince us that the Soviet Union were the Evil Empire and that poor set-upon Germany was just trying to defend themselves and help save the rest of the world from these savage hoards.

Since I was around and in school during WWII, I and millions of others went to the movie theaters and watched the newsreels as the war progressed. In those days, reporters from all over the world were actually in and a part of the war. Many were killed.

My post is not to try to convince you of anything concerning WWII.

This movie is just a typical propaganda effort that Joseph Goebbels might have put together for controlling the minds of the German people.
Reviewer: donsiye - - March 1, 2015
Subject: Must See Documentary
Thanks to the internet, more people are able to see what really happened. There is no way this documentary will ever been seen on TV, at least in the U.S., because nearly of it is run by Zionist Jews. I am not anti-Semitic, anti-Islam or Racist, but when I see revisionist historians attacked by people sent by the JDL and others it makes me think of what are they afraid of?
Reviewer: manhattansunrise - - February 21, 2015
Subject: Hitler without the Political Correctness
Without political correctness we learn that Hitler was not a madman, but a genius seeking to cleanse Europe of it's traditional enemy: the International Jew.

I encourage everyone to share this documentary as far and wide as possible on social media.
Reviewer: Jonathan Price - - November 26, 2014
Subject: Great Documentary
Hitler was not the devil and "most evil man in history" Jewry has made him up to be. In fact, Adolph Hitler was not a devil but a true Hero. I know that sounds outrageous to the unwashed but it's true once you are no longer ignorant. How else can you describe the man except as Hero, one that stood up to international Jewry, the true evil and Devil in this world, and defeated them? At least from 1933-1945, twelve too short years before the Jewish-controlled Western Allies and Jewish communists ganged-up on National Socialist Germany and destroyed it, with Germans and white people worldwide far worse off because of it. Think about it...
Reviewer: Konway87 - - March 20, 2014
Subject: Greatest documentary I have ever seen
I think this is the greatest documentary I have ever seen. This documentary focuses on the actual facts about Adolf Hitler and his beloved Germany.

I also want to let everyone know that the final parts of this documentary (Part 23, 24, and 25) can be seen here -
Reviewer: Andreas Meyer - - January 13, 2014
Subject: Interesting
Looks at many not so well known aspects of world war II and Adolf Hitler.
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